Welcome to The Pennsylvania High School Rodeo Website Check out the video below for some highlights of PHSRA. For info on how to join PHSRA Click Here

Want to try High School Rodeo?? Anyone eligible can compete in one weekend of PHSRA Rodeo (excluding farm show) without joining as a member. Cost $31.00 for the High School Division and the Junior Division per event per performance except Bareback, Bull Riding and Saddle Bronc which cost $51.00 plus $18 fee. Please call in by date posted prior to that rodeo.

Announcements & Updates:


Contestant Bio sheets have been given to contestants and are also available at sign ins.  Please complete and return so our announcer has information about you and your sponsors. Bio forms can also be printed from this link. 

ATTENTION ALL CONTESTANTS PHSRA will be working on a call out basis for the 2020/2021 Season.  You will need to call in for the first rodeo to the appointment person on the date and time indicated for the events you want to compete in.  You will be entered in those events for that rodeo and all subsequent rodeos unless you call out on the date and time indicated for call outs.  If you want to add or drop an event after your initial call in, you will need to call in on the indicated date and time. You will be responsible for all fees associated with those events unless you call out for that rodeo.


CHOICE HOTEL ROYALTY PROGRAM You can help PHSRA raise money and save money on your hotel rooms.  Anyone can use the benefit and PHSRA will earn money for each use .  Choice Hotels provides a 15% discount on all rooms that are booked, in addition PHSRA will receive a royalty for the reservation.  It is easy to use and there is no limitation on its use. You must contact the sports reservation hotline by calling 877-240-2929 or go to www.choicesportstravel.com (you can even do it from the parking lot of the hotel) You will need to provide the State Code 00209230.  Let others know about this benefit so it can be used by anyone for vacation, personal use, business use, or traveling to rodeos.

REPORT CARDS Your most recent report card will be required three (3) times during the Rodeo season.  1) A report card must be uploaded to  your national membership profile.  This report card can be your last school years final report card.  2) Most recent report card postmarked no later that December 1st (for most contestants this will be your first report card of the year).  3) Most recent report card postmarked no later than May 1st (for most contestants this will be your 3rd marking period report card).  If you have a problem with submitting any of these report cards, it is your responsibility to contact    Stef Hollenbach       prior to the due date.

REQUIRED RODEOS In order to be eligible for 2020/2021 State Finals and Awards, you must attend  60%  rodeos.

PHSRA QUEEN If you are interested in running for the 2021/2022 PHSRA Queen please contact Christine Varner or Brandy Little.

For the 2020/2021 season each member will be required to submit a W9 form prior to participation in their first Rodeo.  W9 forms will be available when paying your entries.

Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports can be found in a binder at the announcers stand at all upcoming rodeos.

  • 2020/2021 Membership forms are online click here or go to the 'How to Join' page

The following forms along with your most recent report cards for returning members and most recent report cards and copies of birth certificates for new members are to be uploaded to the NHSRA website:


How To Join


Pennsylvania High School  Rodeo

  • PA High School Membership Form
  • PA Minor Release Form


Any eligible member interested should contact Willard Wenrich, National Director 

  • Rodeo Recruiting Site: Check out rodeorecruiting.com. High School Students can post a free profile (use code 52xs8EdR) to be viewed by college rodeo recruiters and also get info about college rodeo teams.


2020/2021 Schedule updated 8/7/20

2020/2021 PHSRA Sponsorship Prices


Information to join the National High School Rodeo Association needs to be completed at the following link.