Pennsylvania High School Rodeo

Rodeo Rules

To view or print the Official Rule Book and Bylaws of the National High School Rodeo Association click the link below

                     2010 - 2012 NHSRA Rule book

IMPORTANT NOTE:  At the 2011 and 2012 NHSRA Mid-Winter Meeting, the Board of Directors adopted some additional rule changes that are NOT reflected in the above rulebook.  They will not be included until the new rulebook is printed in the Fall of 2012.  However, the new rules are indeed in effect for the NJHFR and NHSFR.    Click the links below to view the additional rules and please make the appropriate changes to your rulebook.

                      2011 Rule Changes

Rules of Conduct form needs to be completed and signed by both student and parent/guardian.  You can use the link below to print the form

PA Rules of conduct form

Pennsylvania High School Rodeo Association Rules of Conduct and Contestant Responsibilities

1.  Be in rodeo attire 2 hours before, and during the rodeo. Dress code includes hat, long sleeve shirt (buttoned and tucked in) western boots and jeans.  All Meetings of PHSRA require proper dress code, no exceptions.

2.  Back numbers need to be worn from arrival at rodeo grounds until departure. (please wear back numbers correctly attached to rear of shirt)

There will be a mandatory student meeting 2 hours prior to the first performance at every venue.

3.  Each member is to be responsible for call-ins to designated board member or secretary. All information needed (stalls, hook-ups for trailers, campsites, etc.) will be the responsibility of member and parent/s or guardians.

4.  Each member will be responsible for all fees affiliated with each PHSRA event. This responsibility includes monies for fundraising set forth by the board.  If a member cannot attend a rodeo it is their responsibility to contact the rodeo secretary. If member “turns out” it is understood that fees will still be charged.  If turn out is due to injury or sickness of horse or member, a signed excuse from a doctor or veterinarian will be required within 24 hours.

5.  Member and Parent/s or Guardian agrees that any type of misconduct will not be tolerated. No alcohol or tobacco is to be on the rodeo grounds.  Profanity of any kind will not be tolerated.

6.  Members will always display team support and good sportsmanship. If called upon to act as a student director or assist in rodeo set up/tear down it will be done without hesitation. 

7.  It is understood that payback will be available after rodeo is complete or when designated by PHSRA board.

8.  As a member of High School Rodeo it is understood that discipline of a horse in the arena will not be tolerated. 

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