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  • .22 caliber (smallbore) Rifle competition

  • Trap competition   


Shooting sports photo from one of their rifle shoots.

9/11/2022 - Shooting Team Recap

Our first shooting was wet but good. It was held in McClure, PA on Sunday, September 11. We had 12 light rifle shooters and 9 trap shooters. We welcomed 7 new shooters to the team: Clay and Kayden Brininger, Riley Fitzgibbon, Tate Ondrik, Ty Bodie, Colt Ronk, Aaron Eng

Top three placing for the day:
Jr. High Light Rifle
1. Colt Ronk
2. Klayton Herman
3. Clay Brininger

Sr. High Light Rifle
1. Aaron Eng
2. Camryn Beinhaur
3. Kayden Brininger

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