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Welcome New Members

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question:   Do I need to attend a school with a rodeo Team?

    • Answer: No.  You need to be enrolled in school and be in 5th through 8th grade for Junior High and 9th through 12th for High School.

  • Question:   Do I need to find my own Team Roping or Ribbon Roping Partner?

    • Answer:  Yes.  It is up to the contestant to have a partner.   We create a post on Facebook to assist members with finding a partner.

  • Question:  Can I draw out of a Rodeo?

    • Answer:  A draw-out for any reason can be completed up to 48 hours before the rodeo with a refund of entry fees, providing Rodeo Secretary is notified via text or email.   A draw-out for veterinary or medical reasons with a vet or doctor's note can be completed inside the 48 hours or at the rodeo if a horse or rider becomes injured or ill after check-in.  A veterinary or doctor's excuse must be received by 6 pm on the Monday following the rodeo.  

  • Question:  Who can compete at State Finals?

    • Answer:  Any member that has competed in 3 regular season rodeo days can enter the State Finals in the events they competed in a minimum of 3 times as a member.

  • Question:  Who Goes to National Finals from Pennsylvania?

    • Answer: The top 4 in points at the end of the State Finals are qualified to attend NHSRF.  Points are cumulative of the regular season and State Finals.

  • Question:  Rodeo Weekend?

    • Answer:  Each day of a rodeo weekend is a separate rodeo.   We run single-go-round rodeos.  Only the State Finals is an average.  State Finals is 3 go-rounds with an average.

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